Sunday, February 12

Angry Boomkins!

This picture portrays a mash-up of World of Warcraft and Angry Birds, a popular touch-based game where you launch birds from a slingshot in hopes of defeating pigs either by direct hit or by demolishing structures that would in turn defeat the pigs. The Angry Bird here is a Moonkin, a wild beast and also one of the forms that a Druid can take for combat purposes. The enemy pigs here are portrayed as a troll, a forsaken that resembles Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, a tauren, and a blood elf with the usual attractive hair. There is also a Horde banner, implying that perhaps the Horde is the enemy in this case and the Moonkin is a Night Elf Druid (the color of the Moonkin certainly implies a Night Elf's form).

Also in the picture is under the ground is Tyrande's Doll, an item that can be pieced together using the profession Archeology, which is the process of digging up artifacts from the ground. Tyrande is the mate of the famed Malfurion Stormrage.

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