Sunday, February 12

Exploiting the goldbuyers that use AH

As of now, quite a few goldselling sites offer the possibility of delivery of through the AH. I've found this to be quite interesting, because well, yeah, it makes it literally possible for EVERYONE to see who buys gold, and how much.

Now where is the trick? Well, its simple really. Search your AH with no search words, browse with a descending price level, I.e you click "minimum bid" twice so the most expensive auctions come up first. Then you click yourself next quite a few times until you come to the region of 4-2k. These are the steps you will most probably find people buying gold at:

4000g, 3500g, 3000g, 2500g, 2000g

Look for a repeating auction, i.e fresh spring water posted 10 times, at the price of 3000 gold.

After having located one of these guys that is obviously trying to buy gold, create a character with a nickname that resembles the one of the person trying to buy gold, and then have this character summoned or in any means transported to a AH town, and then post the same items with that character.

Lets look at some pictures.

In the picture below, we can see a person that has posted a load of weapons for 4k. I mean, come an, this one is a nobrainer. Ofc the guys is buying gold.

In the picture below, we see the scam at work, I've created a character with a B as first letter, whilst the guy who is trying to buy gold actually named he's character with the German double "ss" letter. I'm not sure it will work, but I'm giving it a try.

My most recent trap is depicted below, if you have an eye for detail, you will see that the single top auction is actually with a tweaked letter "i", making it horribly hard for the goldsellers to part the two people selling the jerky. The reason I only have 1 auction out there atm is because my other 11 auctions sold, netting me a neat lil 22k gold.

There are a few tricks of the trade you might want to pick up when doing this. I'll try to compile a list of tricks that will help you in this endeavour, as they are posted by others as well.

When searching on a special auction, for instance a white weapon, and everyone in the AH field of view has the same price, the AH seems to arrange the auctions by alphabetical order, meaning the character 'e' would come before 'é'. I am not 100% sure of this tho, but it has appeared this way every time I've posted thus far.

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