Sunday, February 12

what wow has become

As long as Blizz continues to manufacture quality content for people who care about it, I don't mind the people who breeze their way to a heroic raid-ready toon. You can dungeon grind to 85 in a few days if you want; I'll experience the overwhelming amount of storylines and locales as I leisurely level to 85. To each their own.

To be honest it's really helpful for someone that has already leveled and seen a lot of the quests/zones and etc, and just want to get a new character to level 85, to either PvP or do the new content on some other level, eg: a Caster that want to Tank, or a Healer that want to DPS. Doing the LFG will help you do what you want sooner, and in some cases, even learn a bit about your spec/class/role, so you don't struggle as much when you reach 85.

Bottom line, Your last sentence is what everyone should have in their minds: to each, their own. If you find it boring spamming LFG to get to 85, maybe you should quest, no one is forcing you to spam LFG. Same thing if you are grinding quests and are bored, you have alternatives. And that is the beauty of the system.

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