Wednesday, February 15

extra 800 health on any level during event

The NPC, Kwee Q. Peddlefeet gives 200 health when you /kiss him. If you /kiss him again, nothing happens. However, you can go to each of your 4 factions cities, and get the 200 health buff there as well, equaling to 800 health. At lower levels, this is a TON. I saw a level 14 hunter today with 2.2k health, and he just destroyed EVERYONE in his path. He ended up going like 53 and 2 or somewhere around there. So, if you have low levels and you want to pwn in low level BG's, now is your chance to do so. (buff lasts 1 hour)

Each city you go to and get the buff is considered separate. So, while the buffs do add on to each other (200+200+200+200), they are not ONE buff. Therefore, every hour (when it falls off, or you die since it does not persist through death, you will have to go to each city and re-acquire it)
I just payed a mage to teleport me to silvermoon, got buff, took orb to undercity, got buff, took zep to org, got buff, then flew to TB, and got buff. Which took roughly 10 minutes on a 60% ground mount.

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