Tuesday, March 20

After the news we heard today - Occupy Orgrimmar!

What Thrall wanted, what players want, and what the orcs in lore want, are all different things. Seeing Orgrimmar from your average orc's point of view, Thrall was raised by humans. He never led his people to Victory or Death, he wasn't ever around when there was blood to be shed, he essentially had regular visits in his chambers by a human, to essentially talk politics, treaties, and have tea... and during the most important battle of modern Horde freedom Thrall was sitting in his room, planning a trip to Nagrand to see his grandmother while Garrosh was literally on the front lines in Icecrown sinking Alliance airships and spitting at Arthas.

Orcs want a war hero. Someone who will give them Victory or Death. You have to keep in mind that all orcs in Orgrimmar are most likely veterans of at least two wars. Orgrimmar is only like 7 years old. These orcs were not raised as Shamans in Nagrand, they have lived long lives where all they can remember is the blood haze of the demon blood, or simply having been raised amid war. The concepts of peace, politics, negotiations, barter are all rather foreign, bitter tasting words that they are wholly unfamiliar with.

Garrosh is the leader the orcs chose.

Then again the orcs in Nagrand, the non-fel tainted orcs, are quite docile and shamanistic. I don't get your vibe you're making. The orcs invaded Azeroth under the influence of the Blood of Mannoroth.

Prior to the orcish corruption in Outlands, they were quite friendly with the draenei. Peace is described prior to Ner'zhul's thirst for power after being enticed by Sargeras.

I'm not sure what the orcs want in truth, but I know many other citizens of the horde seem uncomfortable with Garrosh's leadership, specifically the Tauren, Trolls and the Undead.

It may be the orc leader the orcs want, but it certainly isn't the leader the Horde wants. :P

Keep in mind that Thrall is most definitely my favorite character in all of Warcraft; I'm no Garrosh fanboy. I simply respect the chemistry.

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