Tuesday, March 20

As a Tauren, the new announcements made me so happy!

"Garrosh... Garrosh...! Cairne WAS MY BROTHER!!" Was a pretty good indication that we were gonna see his death brought to justice

Highly unlikely Garrosh gets killed though. Metzen has acknowledged that re-using characters over and over gets tiring, and expressed that it takes a long time to get us to care about new lore; it's much more likely that we'll see Garrosh dragged through the mud for a while to help flesh him out and develop his character. For someone as bold as Garrosh, we're going to need some very bold actions to teach him some humility and restraint. the horde no longer needs him though, i mean think about it, thrall only needed him to hold down the fort while he saved the planet, now garrosh is going to declare war on the alliance outright and fuck the horde up more, Thrall is going to have to take action because he isn't just going to let the horde die.

But then again Thrall just can't come back to the Horde and be on their side now, since he is the most powerful Shaman, no most powerful Mortal on the planet now. There are no old gods, there are no dragon aspects, it's just leaders now, and with Thrall as the Aspect of Earth, he's far to powerful to belong to one side. He'll probably try to calm Garrosh and bring peace to the Horde but this will likely push Garrosh away into "A new era" for the horde.

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