Thursday, March 8

[Bypass Height Limit] Un'Goro Crater

Found an exploit with the item The Fossil-Finder 3000, the item is provided from the quest with the same name, The Fossil-Finder 3000 - Quest - World of Warcraft obtained from Spark Nilminer found in Un'Goro Crater.

The item points the character in the direction of the fossil, once at the location using the finder places a mound of soil underneath the character, this soil is a solid object that can be stood upon.

The fossil-finder can be used while mounted, using this the soil can be spawned above ground allowing soil to be placed at the height limit, once placed there can move onto it, going through the height limit. From there am able to fly around Kalimdor above the height limit.

Just for clarification; the mound can only be created at the fossils set location in Un'Goro, but at any altitude.

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