Thursday, March 8

Darkmoon Faire Fishing - Great for low levels!

This came up on Faid's livestream on the 5th. The Darkmoon Faire has many fishing pools which contain 1-2 Sealed Crates (typically one). The crate contains a few silver and some cata materials (herbs, ore, leather, cloth, potions, elixirs, and volatiles), as well as Darkmoon Faire food and drink.

Most crates are located near the shore, although some swimming will be required on the northern half of the island and around the smaller islands near the shore. There are no hostile mobs in the area, so you'll only have to worry about your standard fishing competition and the opposing faction if you're flagged.

An hour spent fishing on my little level 17 net me a little over 500g on the alliance side of Rexxar-US during off-peak hours (I had two competitors while fishing, both with mounts). While not the best gold per hour, it's pretty nice for lowbies with very little starting capital.

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