Sunday, March 4

I love WoW. I love Wow stories. I love random hijinks, pranks, game mechanics abuses, and trolls. Tell me all yours. I'll start.

In BC I saw a raid geared Pally tank kite the elite dragon standing near caverns of time back to Gadgetzan. He then started asking everyone walking through for help killing it, and before you knew it 3 level 40ish lowbies were beating on it trying to help. He then bubbled to shake aggro temporarily, and the dragon methodically murdered all the lowbies. I laughed my ass off. I did not help him kill the dragon. When I left, it still had a ton of HP.

I had a game I'd play on my druid for 25m LK attempts with my failguild. Between pulls, me and a buddy of mine would throw paper zeppelins at each other and kite them to see how many we could get in a swarm following us. I'd try to keep my swarm up for as long as I could in the fight (or until phase change, then the raid damage was too high and I had to really pay attention). We finally stopped after the RL threatened to boot us out of the raid for fucking around and "not taking anything seriously". To be fair, it wasn't like we were going to win. Someone always stood in the defile.

In early BC, moonkin's treeant pets had a weird bug where in a neutral town you could spawn them on a flagged enemy player, and when they started attacking the guards would consider the enemy player hostile, but not the moonkin. So by toggling auto-attack and using treeant pets, you could get neutral guards to murder any enemy flagged player you wanted. One guy in my guild loved doing this.

In the BC dailies island where Funwell is, on my server there was a tauren who loved to flag himself (I'm on a PvE server) and sit on top of common quest givers while mounted. Most people, myself included, mindlessly run up to the same place they had turned in quests a thousand times and right click the dude w/ the question mark when they wanted their gold. If this guy was there, instead of opening the "turn in quest" dialogue you would start attacking him (since his char model was larger than the quest giver), and the guards would immediately run over and give you what for. This guy was always at it, and he got me killed more than once. There was always a pile of bones near him.

(Hearsay! I don't know if this is true but I want to believe it so bad) Early on, cooking fires would apparently cause light damage to players. Light damage to max level players at least. One of my buddies on another realm said that his entire guild used to go to new player starting areas and spawn as many cooking fires as they could over the spot new players started. Thus, anyone who made a character of a specific race would zone in for the first time and get instagibbed by the damage from tons of cooking fires.

I was a little late leveling in Cata, and someone in my guild told me the whale shark in Vash'jir didn't hit hard, dropped a shitload of gold, a blue BoE, and got you a free achieve (I should have checked the actual achievement description). He said it was totally worth killing, and made it sound like a rare mob. Other people in the guild immediately jumped on board and backed up what he just said. I was leveling a DK tank w/ ICC25 gear, so I figured "oh sweet free gold and lolpoints". No. For those of you who have never pissed one off... they hit like freight trains with rocket boosters. Smacked me for over 1 million damage.

I'm sure at least some of you have witnessed all these LFR related bit: In LFR there seems to be a rash of priests on Hagara who, on the "outrun the ice wall" phase, love life gripping you back towards the wall. I have been killed twice so far by this. People also really love to put down mage portals to inconvenient locations right before the portal to Hagara's trash spawns. I've visited Theramore more in LFR than I have leveling alts in the rest of the game combined.

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