Monday, March 5

My Son has a WoW problem.

My son, now in his early twenties has developed some behaviors that are causing me a concern.

I started noticing this a little while ago, when he bought the expansion before last. At that time it was harder to notice the symptoms. Now they are coming through clear as can be.

He has become very secluded, has stopped communicating with his "real" friends and spends almost all of his free time in game.

Everything started getting really bad when my wife went down to visit him in our basement. I will never forget how horrified she was when she came back. She cried that whole night, and could barely communicate with me what had gone so wrong.

I had to know for myself, I went down and checked. Sure enough, her horror was also my realization. I watched him play the game in dismay. He was a female blood elf rogue, he couldn't CC, and he barely pulled 3k DPS.

When I came upstairs to my wife, she was inconsolable, and my lips quivered to utter the words. "Our son is a scrub." I broke down in tears and shame and yelled "I HAVE NO SON!"

I don't know where we went wrong, I don't know what we did and I don't know what we can do. My wife has stopped speaking to me, and I avoid speaking with my son. She thinks its a phase, she assures me "He won't always wear leather with intellect on it." I don't believe her. Our family is falling apart and it's all because of WoW.

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