Wednesday, March 14

Saw this guy dancing in front of the Bank today...

I got a 72 hour ban for creating a guild and character called Kony and trying to recruit "invisible children" i.e. rogues. It was worth it.

It needs to be said, whenever I see that people are still in support of Invisible Children:
  • The LRA is not in Uganda anymore and Uganda has been in relative peace for the last 5 years.
  • The current Ugandan government came into power the same way that the LRA has attempted to come into power: child soldiers. It's part of the culture.
  • The LRA does have a purpose, contrary to what the "KONY 2012" video would have you believe. They were opposing their oppressive government.
  • Ugandans have stated that they don't trust Invisible Children and feel that they are treated like they are stupid.
  • The LRA is a well-known group to world leaders, but they've done nothing because that's the way the world works. We aren't fighting Libya's war or Israel's wars. Generally speaking, it is in a country's best interest to leave foreign military affairs to foreign countries instead of sending their own soldiers to die fighting someone else's war.
  • Invisible Children has been accused of spending less than a third of their donations on Africa in the past, with the founders making six-figures per year from the charity. While the expectation is that they will spend a larger percentage of their "KONY 2012" donations on Africa, they will also end up making more money as the result of their video's spread.

Kony is still a bad man and should be put to justice. However, this is not Invisible Children's primary interest and it is not the place of foreign governments to intervene.

Also, Invisible Children is a questionable organization with a shady past. Plus, note that they shamelessly ask you to pay them for slacktivism for the last minute or so of the video. A charity doesn't fight wars, military does. Giving money to them accomplishes nothing.

By the way, it's pronounced "Kohn."

tl;dr The "KONY 2012" video is a nice, biased history lesson, but it is delivered by a group with questionable goals and encourages the USA to start war in Africa.

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Fking hilarious

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