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Wednesday, March 14

Skip first part of Trash in Stonecore for easy Drake Mount farm.

So I was trying to figure out how to skip the trash in Stonecore to be able to make the run faster and not waste a lot of time killing those 3 groups of trash and found an easy way to do it. Must be able to solo bosses in normal btw, I do this on my rogue and feral druid(both are lvl 85 with normal/heroic DS gear) Im pretty sure every lvl 85 tank can do this.

  1. Skip 1st group by going to your left
  2. Skip 2nd group by going to your right(killing the lil ele rocks on your way)
  3. You goin to hit 3rd group and run to the entrance without aggroing 2nd group. Once the 3rd group reaches the 2nd group it will automatically aggro the first group too.
  4. All you gotta do now is nuke Millhouse Manastorm to 50% and he will run all the way to 1st boss and all you gotta do is run outside the instance and back in. If you are a rogue just vanish.
  5. Now you can skip all those 3 groups of trash without having to kill them and that saves me at least 10 mins of having to clear up to boss and makes this my rogue be able to go to boss since trash kills my rogue. =(

I was having a hard time thinking if I should put this in guides or exploits but since it takes stuff that blizzard didnt intend by skipping those 3 groups I put it on Exploits. Mods feel free to move it to guides if you feel like it doesn't belong here. I'll be gladly answer any questions.

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