Monday, April 23

AFK Skinning Mount Hyjal

This mob can be found in Mount Hyal called Spinecale Matriarch. Once he is looted and skinned he will instant respawn. If you stand to close at his spawn location or on top of it he will not spawn untill you move a bit away from it. On the video i show where you can stand so you are in range to melee hit him once he spawns to kill it. I used a hunter in the video not the best class for it unless you go beast mastery then the hugging should be np however i still manage to kill the mob pretty fast while hugging him. This is the macro i have been using for it. As you can kill the mob loot it and skin it with just 1 button. Don't forget to enable autoloot.

I am using mac and it got buildin program called *Applescript Editor* just copy paste this on it and it will be spamming the s key for you in wow.

repeat 1000000 times
tell application "System Events"
tell application "World of Warcraft" to activate
key code 1
end tell
delay (random number from 1 to 1)
end repeat

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