Tuesday, April 10

Answers to 'The Great Noblegarden TCG Egg Hunt Giveaway'

So WoWHead has this Contest open where you get 10 shots to win TCG items. You need an account on their site and be logged in.

A series of questions are asked as linked in the above page. I'm directly linking y'all to the 'answer pages'. Simply visit the links below to get automatically entered:
  1. Rona Greenteeth
  2. Blood Seeker
  3. Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops
  4. Contest Winner's Tabard
  5. Sheddle Glossgleam
  6. Super Simian Sphere
  7. Swift Springstrider
  8. Yor
  9. Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal
  10. Nightmare Seed
Best of Luck.

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