Sunday, April 29

[BETA] Keep Corruption up while in Metamorphosis.

I was testing/ attacking mobs with over 1mil hp, i noticed while you are in metamorphosis you aren't allowed to recast corruption/doom (if glyphed) but somehow that it kept refreshing itself to 30sec. What i found out was that when you melee(auto attack) it will refresh it. Only works when you are using main hand weapon (ex. daggers/swords) but doesnt work when you have wand equip on main hand slot.

I personally think this is great since every time a corruption tick you get 6 demonic fury, or 30 demonic fury with doom. Also with this you can save countless GCD when you are fighting bosses without ever reapplying it.

Hopefully this never gets patched when live comes out.

If this has been posted before i'm sorry , but like i said i don't have donator rank so i cant see anything on Elite Threads.

For those who cant understand what i wrote here is a simpler way:

  1. Cast Corruption
  2. Go into Metamorphosis
  3. Auto attack in melee range.

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