Sunday, April 29

Tier 3 Transmog trick (A lot of potential)

I just wanted to share this exploit with everyone here, haven't contributed in a long time and I think it's time.

We're going to use tier 3 transmog as example in this case.

Requires one person with the desired gear (in this case tier 3)

You and your tier3 buddy runs an instance, whichever instance it might be, just be sure to be the same class for tier 3.

You kill a boss, loot f.x plate shoulders, the tier 3 person gets the shoulders, transmogs those shoulders into tier 3 and then TRADES it to you since you can trade people within 2hours after you recieved the loot if you did it together.

This works x-realms.

Do it fast because I'm quite sure this is going to get hotfixed quite soon. Here is a video for more in-depth explanation

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