Monday, May 28

Lag for MINUTES without disconnect!

Using the auction house, and the addon "Trade Skill Master" I posted just over 1000 auctions, and was able to lag myself out for a good 4 minutes. Could probably go higher. I just post THOUSANDS of small auctions *cough* Mild Spices *cough* and use a macro program (razer naga) to click way faster than it can compute. the addon I'm using is TSM (Trade Skill Master) feel free to ask any more questions

This is also accomplished VERY easily using programs like "Netlimiter", which limit the download/upload speed for selected programs.

You can use this to fly indoors, get to hidden places, get past mobs unharmed, huge advantage in PvP -- invincibility etc.

Just saying that there is a huge potential with this... and errr... easier ways then creating thousands of auctions for "Mild Spices"... haha ^.^

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