Tuesday, May 29

[Vanity Item] Arcane Charge - Huge blue orb

This just a short mini-guide on getting this fun vanity item -- Arcane Charge. This item is a great item that you acquire midway through a quest chain in Azshara -- the quest basically involves you placing these huge glowing "bombs" on the ground, in order to kill a stone golem. We are going to be sneaky though, and keepthe quest item -- instead of completing the quest with it!

The quest item allows us to summon a huge, blue glowing orb, which is visible to all players (not just you!) There is a lot of fun to be had with this item, especially if you are a vanity item collector.

How do I get it?

As I said earlier, the quest item is from a quest, in a chain -- about 15 quests in. It will take around 25 minutes to do as a level 85 with a flying mount. You start the chain at the location shown on the map below. The NPC that gives the quest is "Teemo"; a Golblin up on the top level of the Bildgewater Harbor building on the west side under a Bilgewater banner (Outside) at the top of some stairs. It took me a good 5 minutes to find that sneaky Goblin!

The quests are very simple, and each quest will take you to the following quest in the chain.

Once you get to the quest "Renewable Resource", accept it, and then Arcane Charge is yours! Just remember not to hand in the quest, or delete it from your quest log!

Facts About Arcane Charge:
  • Can be used anywhere -- battlegrounds, dungeons, cities, indoors etc.
  • Has a "pulsing effect", sending out waves of light.
  • Lasts for approximately 3 minutes.
  • Only 1 can be summoned at a time.
  • Has a 15 second Cooldown.
  • Does not have charges (can be used unlimited times)
  • Is not just client-side (can be seen by everyone)
  • Counts as a companion
  • Does not move/ follow you
  • Requires proximity to summoner to stay active (needs confirming)
  • Will get you MANY whispers asking you you made it!
As always, enjoy the item, I hope it brings a little fun to your WoW experience

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