Wednesday, May 16

Make Massive Profits With "Runic Plate" Vendor Recipes

With Cataclysm, 4 Blacksmithing recipes became either incredibly hard or impossible to obtain due to changes to the mobs that dropped them - most were removed. For those that were still in the game, they would only drop off of rare or elite mobs that had ridiculous re-spawn timers, with a chance of less than 1%. The recipes were:

However, as very few people seem to know, with Patch 4.3 they were added back into the game as an infinite supply recipe (sold for a measly few gold each) from this NPC in Un'Goro Crater:
I've been able to make ridiculous profits off of these items already, as most people seem to think they are still rare drops or unobtainable. Below is an example of my profits:

Just for 5 minutes of travelling! Chances are these aren't in your server's auction house, as the server I posted it on easily has one of the most active AH's in the game.

You might want to play around with the price a little bit, as the profit you make depends completely on your server, but good luck earning some nice gold from this

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