Saturday, May 12

The PvE vs PvP debate.

I come from a background of both high end PvP and PvE. Both require skill, but achieving rank 1 will always be a bigger achievement in my books.

In PvP, you are fighting against other real human beings at the same caliber you are using their brains to figure out different strategies to take you down. Both teams need to be able to read into a situation to get a feel for what the opponent is going to do and how to counter that.

In PvE, on the other hand, just requires a lot of dedication. Taking time off work or school to repeat the fight over and over again. You figure the fight out once and you're set. Just keep hammering away at the boss until people stop fucking up. The fight does not change its tactics to best you, it only knows what it's programmed to do.

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