Wednesday, June 6

AFK Farm Goblin Reputation

So after getting the Bloodsail Admiral title I wanted to fix the reputation with the Goblins as reputation with them gets totally destroyed and I wanted to be able to use the Neutral AH again and buy some Noggenfogger Elixirs too...

Then I found out that I had to buy like thousands of cloths for some repeatable quests. Screw that.

AFK farmed my title killing Shakes O'Breen so I thought I could find a farmable NPC to get Goblin rep back.

So I found a NPC that is on a fast respawn rate and we will use the terrain to hide us, giving us that extra protection.

Head to Stranglethorn Valley, to this point.

Get on top of this palm with your flying mount.


Now open up _Keyspam or download from here Filebeam - Beam up that File Scottie! and edit the settings, these are mine:

That will spam "R" key every 15 seconds, and this is the macro I use:

/target "Good-Boy" Bruce
/cast throw
/cast vanish

As you can see Im using a rogue for this but any class should be able to accomplish this with ranged attacks, ask in this thread and I'll help you with the macro you need.

I recommend _KeySpam because it spams World of Warcraft window only, so you can use your computer to do other stuff.


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