Saturday, June 23

Elementium Geodes- A gold making tip

Today I will be reminding you of a pet that will most likely skyrocket in price after the launch of MoP: the Elementium Geode.

Let's first discuss a little about this pet and how it can be obtained.

Each Elementium Vein has a 0.05 chance of containing one of these pets. I know that's really low and a person who is farming elementium veins for this little pet might spend weeks until getting one. Yet, they are really cheap on the AH, they are usually priced between 100-200g on my server. Why? The answer is simple:botters .

Elementium is the most important metal in cataclysm and it is heavily farmed by bots. In their search for ore, they sometimes stumble upon these Elementium Geodes and they sell them cheap.

In MoP, the elementium farmers will switch to the new Pandarian veins and thus Elementium Geodes won't appear on the AH as often and their prices will go up a lot.Furthermore the introduction of pet battles will make these pets even more desired as they have a unique model and can be used in battles.

I highly recommend stockpiling Elementium Geodes for the arrival of MoP as in my opinion the prices will skyrocket.

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