Friday, June 22

Fire Festival - awesome buffs to get as a low level

So, there's some pretty nifty things food buffs/regular buffs/etc out during the Fire Festival.
What does this mean? Well, if you're questing, the extra damage you get from the buffs, and extra health, is a huge help. In PvP, you can roll people's faces with some of these buffs.
Let's take a look.

Fire Festival Fortitude

Special flame samples can be collected from the bonfires in each of the four main cities of the opposing faction. Each sample will begin a quest called "Stealing the [City]'s Flame." Upon completing each quest, everyone in the capital city will receive Fire Festival Fortitude, a +30 stamina buff. Once all 4 have been collected and returned to a Festival representative, you receive the quest A Thief's Reward and are rewarded with the [Crown of the Fire Festival].
This is an amazing buff for low levels, as 30 stamina will give an extra 300 health. That can mean quite a bit in PvP, and even PvE.

Now, let's take a look at the food you can get. This stuff is simply overpowered, due to the high (at that level) amount of it you get, and how any level can use it.

Midsummer Sausage

This buff is absolutely ridiculous for basically any character, as on a level 10 it provides 78% haste!

Fire-Toasted Bun
Another great buff, this increases Melee/Ranged hit chance by 55.44% at level 10, and 65% spell hit.

Elderberry Pie

Another good one, this buff provides 28.93$ dodge on a level 10 character.

Toasted Smorc

No, you don't get these by toasting Orcs, I wish. However, they do give 44 SP, which can be pretty good for a low level.

Above values were found on a level 10 druid (not in any shapeshift form or talent points spent), results may vary slightly.

What makes these so special?
ALL of the food buffs can be stacked and used at the same time. What this means, is that as a level 10 in PvP, you can absolutely destroy your opposition, especially if you have heirlooms. However, after level 10, the % value you get starts going downhill very quickly (such as falling around 30% haste gain after hitting 11), so this is basically godly for 1-10, but still fairly good for 10-22ish.

How do I get these?
You have two options.
One is to buy them from a vendor. 5 Burning Blossom - Item - World of Warcraft will get you 5 of one of the food items

or you can do one of the Steal X Capital City's flame quests, (For example, Stealing Darnassus's Flame - Quest - World of Warcraft) and get 5 of each food.

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