Friday, June 22

Gold making-tip: Archaeology

Tol'vir Hieroglyphic - Item - World of Warcraft

As Iam lazy, I bot my way to level Archaeology, but each time I hit 450 arch-level I try to go to Uldum as soon as possible.
Reason for that you may ask, is that the keystones from the Uldum-digsites sell for sick gold on the Auction House (575g on my server atm).

Either you fly and dig yourself, or you use a bot as Honorbuddy as me with an in-built Archaeology-bot.

And you can gain pretty nice amounts for the solves you vendor, as some sell for 100-200g each if you get those.
Good luck with your digging, and I hope you're the only ones on your server who farms for these like I am on mine ^^

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