Friday, June 22

World of Warcraft Monopoly released

Blizzard has finally released the World of Warcraft Monopoly Collector's Edition, because if we need anything, it's another Monopoly board game.

Available now in the Blizzard Online Store for $39.95, you can play the same game that we've had for decades, but with a new World of Warcraft twist. What Blizzard's popular MMORPG and Monopoly have in common is beyond me, but apparently someone at one point thought it was a good idea to mix the two. I guess when you have a Monopoly for every possible thing it just makes sense.

So what does this fully customized game include (aside from the same board with new pictures pasted on it)?

Custom Money:

  • $1 Chen (from the new Pandaren race, featured in the soon-to-be released expansion, Mists of Pandaria)
  • $5 Magni (Dwarf)
  • $10 Vol'Jin (Troll)
  • $20 Tyrande (Night Elf)
  • $50 Sylvanas (Blood Elf)
  • $100 Varian ( Human)
  • $500 Thrall (Orc)

6 custom tokens voted on by fans

Is that enough to entice you to purchase a re-skinned version of the same boring experience? I guess Monopoly just isn't for me. "Time is money, friend," and neither of mine will be wasted on this.

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