Tuesday, June 26

FP Bug for Alliance - Eastern Kingdoms (no control)

I just found a little trick with the quest Further Concerns, one of the very first quests in Elwynn Forest. When you accept this quest, you have the opportunity to get a free ride directly to Guard Thomas by speaking to Marshal Dughan.

How to exploit :

  1. Place your Hearthstone anywhere in Eastern Kingdoms (Quel'danas seems to be the only exception for some reasons)
  2. Speak to Dughan, you now have a little bubble with "I'd like to,etc".
  3. This bubble is called GossipTitleButtonX, X can vary depending on how much quests you've filled. If you haven't done any it's 4, I suggest trying numbers from 1 to 4 until you find the good one. Create a macro with /click GossipTitleButtonX and get a D/C macro
  4. Cast your Hearthstone. At the end of the cast (in the last half second) use the click macro and immediately DC. The Hearthstone cast must freeze with less than 0.15 seconds left, or better right at the end (green bar)
  5. Reconnect, you are on a flying horse and brought back to Elwynn.

However the downsides is that I haven't found a way to get control of this FP (probably because we stay in EK) and it does not work with BG (or anything instanced) or cross-continents. But i'm not an expert with exploiting so maybe someone else could find something to do with this.

Something interesting is that everything is "delayed" while you fly. F.x if you cross water you won't get a breathe bar right off but something like 5 minutes later. Same with lava dmg. And when you arrive at Goldshire your horse runs on the spot for almost 3 minutes, and during these 3 min there's no NPC. After that everything is back to normal and you are sent on the regular FP.

I recorded a raw video but as this exploit is not very useful atm I won't post it (unless someone asks for it) but here's some screenshots

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