Wednesday, June 27

While questing in Eastern Plaguelands late at night.

What's really amazing is that's less bright than facebook, yet it seems blinding... That's my arbitrary measure of good graphics, if it can make me squint.

For the uninformed... There is a caravan owned by the Worgen named Fiona, along with her two Paladin friends ("The Paladin Pals") who are riding along to become knights of the Argent Crusade. They start at the bridge between WPL and EPL, and eventually do reach Light's Hope Chapel, the new Argest Crusade HQ.

This is in the middle of the quest line where you and the caravan happen upon some tower (Light's Shield iirc) and after a few quests, it procures this huge motherfuckin' beacon of light that will make you disoriented for a few moments. I don't quite remember which one, but I know that it requires a couple of quests.

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