Thursday, June 28

Get nice gold from justice points(May be Server dependant!!)

I came across a decent method to get some gold from your Justice Points if you're like me and have nothing to do with it.

Simply you can buy 1 Cardinal Ruby for 220 Justice Points each(thats 18 for almost 4k justice points).

On my server they are selling for 100g+ for an uncut gem and 150-200g for an cut gem(bet you could get more).

The reason these are still selling for decent amount of money is that lately people have been doing Herald of the Titan runs and gearing up their 80 twinks, even leveling where people get items with 2-3 sockets(point to TBC instances) etc. Since 85 gems require a minimum of 285 ilvl item, so people have to buy wotlk gems to gem their items below 285 ilvl. And since wotlk gems don't got ilvl requirement they can be use in any item at any level you can get your hands on an item with a socket.

And if this is a repost, like I said post a link to it. So don't come and be rude if it is, I am just trying to be helpful.

Edit: Magistrix Lambriesse is the name of the horde vendor and Arcanist Ivrenne for the alliance. Both located in Dalaran.

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