Monday, July 30

Does anyone remember having to use this to complete a quest instead of your quest log?

If it weren't for Thottbot, I probably would have never been able to finish the druid's aquatic form quest. Also The fucking totem quests for shamans - Meet Derp Watersoother in the southern barrens -- DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW LARGE THAT IS?!

I remember my first shaman. Tauren. On the fire totem quest, I was told to go to Durotar. From Mulgore. I died so many times running across the Barrens. Then I got to the Durotar/Barrens bridge and started heading south, annoyed by all the crocolisks. Not knowing where this guy was, I kept heading south to the river, before I eventually found what I thought was the mountain path I was looking for. Turns out, it wasn't the path, and I fell down into the Valley of Trials. I finally made my way out and back to the bridge. This time, I figured I'd go north. So I did. When I hit Ashenvale, I knew I made a wrong turn. So I went back south, found the start of the mountain range, and eventually noticed a small black obelisk meant to mark the path. It had taken me at least 2 hours on this quest to get to this point (though it was so long ago I can't put a definitive number on it). The rest of the quest took about 5 minutes.

Would the quest have been easier had I used Thottbot or had the new quest log. But looking back on it, I wouldn't like to have hod those tools. Exploring Barrens and Durotar was fun and, to my 13-/14-year-old self, challenging. I miss when all I had to go on was the quest description. It forced me to read the damned quest and get involved in the lore. Nowadays it's just "Look for the blue splotches, go there, kill the thing, get reward." It's become too un-involved, and the quest descriptions are pretty much unneeded now.

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