Monday, July 30

Seems to be a pretty accurate battle plan for AV weekend

The last few weeks I've noticed that Alliance rushes Frostwolf and pulls Drek as soon as two towers are down. They generally keep about 4-6 defenders at both IB and TP; those are the two towers they wait for before they pull Drek. Additionally, Alliance sends about 10 backcappers to SH and IW who quickly return to offense if they successfully backcap.

Horde copies that same approach except the defend towers part. So, once the Horde offensive reaches Stormpike, IW and SH are backcapped by the Alliance backcappers, then Horde sits there waiting for DB towers while Alliance is almost ready to pull or has already pulled.

Anyone else want old AV back? With the Lieutenants and Commanders and whatnot. More NPCs back in and make the bunkers harder to cap like before.

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