Saturday, July 28

Warcraft Elf Tram Sex

This classic has somehow disappeared from the internet. So I had to dig down deep in the way-back machine to find it again. So with no further ado, Warcraft Elf Tram Sex:
Out of sheer boredom and the need to do a little PvP research, I recently found myself exploring the Deeprun Tram on a local roleplaying server. With exploration under way, I trekked deep within the confines of the tram and found something rather unusual. What was this standing before me? Two naked night elves of course.

At first the sight struck me with some skepticism. Being from a PvP realm, we don't generally see naked characters bent in front of each other in the middle of nowhere. None the less, the situation quickly revealed itself.

I couldn't help but chuckle a moment and retreat back to the shadows from which I came. Had they seen me approach? From the looks of it no. So I watched intently.

Intrigued by this fantastic "roleplaying" experience, I felt it was my duty to perpetuate the general merriment of all. So I gathered my composure and began to engage in my own "roleplaying" theatrics.

Oh crap. Somehow they caught me. I was roleplaying hidden in the shadows... how the hell did they find me? So I did what any self respecting pervert would do. HIDE!

Unsuccessful with my attempt to roleplay, I figured what the hell. I might as well just start a dwarven sandwich while the getting is good. So I charge in gropes a blazing.

Not a moment later, Inotep and Artemisa left me with a stinging remark that will be forever remembered.

Feeling a bit perverted, I felt I would do the right thing and offer an apology.

With my apology shot down, the feeling of urgency began to overwhelm me. Wait a minute, what a bunch of hypocritical bullshit. I was "roleplaying" hidden damn it. I moved to rebuttal.

This concludes my wonderful adventure on a roleplaying realm. I apologize for the vulgarity that some of this post contains. I don't believe that the essence of a "roleplaying" experience would have been captured as well given censorship was taken. All in all, I suppose only one thing can be said about roleplaying realms…
They rule!

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