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Guide to AH Sniping

AH Sniping is the process of "Sniping" people's Auctions, as they attempt to transfer them to the other faction. The method that they use is by placing an auction for a very expensive item, at a price of only around 1 copper, in the hopes of avoiding the 15% AH cut, losing them profits. We are going to "intercept" this transfer, by buying the Auction before it can be bought on the opposing faction! It's sneaky, it's even a little bit cruel, but it does not violate any rule (depending on if you bot this or not), and will net us thousands upon thousands of gold each day.

The process is as follows:

  • Player A puts an item on the Auction House, for 1 copper, in the hopes of transferring to Player B's faction.
  • Player B waits intently for Player A's signal, so he can search + buy the auction.
  • Player A lists the auction, and tells Player B to buy it as fast as he can!
  • Player C (us), intercepts the auction and snipes a [Vial of the Sands] for 1 copper.

It really is just that simple, and we can even get a bot to automate it for us!

AH Sniping as a practice breaks none of Blizzard's Laws or policies. The only thing which is a risk, is if you use a bot or script to automate the process. This -- although a low risk -- is bannable.
Blizzard strictly will not interfere with any Auction Issues, and it is there policy to never refund, or pursue these problems. An auction is listed, it is sold; legitimately. This gives you more protection, but if users start reporting the botting side of things, you may find yourself writing an appeal letter to Blizzard. Just be safe, check on your computer every so often to respond to whispers and the like. I have never been banned doing this, while I bot it for around 20 hours a day. 

You will first need to download my Modified Version of Auctioneer. It has been modified to have a very short AH refresh timer -- optimal for sniping -- and also to effectively snipe the cross faction transfers.
Please click the below link to download the AddOn:
Modified Auctioneer - 4.3.4
You will need to open this .rar file with a program such as Winrar, and extract the contents to your AddOns folder, usually located at "C://Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns"
Be sure to delete all previous versions of Auctioneer!

You will now need to create a character to snipe with. I suggest against using your main character for this, as it may give you a bad reputation on your realm. Creating a new character just for this purpose is what I did! Remember to put some "difficult to type characters" in your name -- this can be achieved by using ACSII letters (more on this in the "Tips & Tricks" section). This will make your name difficult to type, and reduce those annoying whispers!
You will need to venture to a Captial City, and conduct your first Auction House scan. This is done by clicking the button at the top that looks like this " [>>] ".See the image below.

Your database is now filled with the correct values for each item. If you skip this step, it will not work. Note: you may need to repeat this process multiple times during the week, as to get a concise database with correct values, and every item covered.

Now, travel to either Everlook in Winterspring, Booty Bay in the Cape of Stranglethorn, or Gadgetzan in Tanaris. These are the locations of the neutral AHs.
You now need to simply click the Magnifying Glass in the top of the window, when you have located the auctioneer, and your AddOn will start to scan for any low auctions that are there. If it finds one, it will pop up with a big box, confirming you to buy the auction -- it will also make a loud noise if sound is enabled. Your auctioneer will scan the auctions every 1 second until you disable real time search.Note: you will go afk if you leave your computer while doing this.

After some persistence, you will find a neutral AH transfer, and this is your time to strike! Press the button as fast as you can! Remember, that it is only 1 click for you, but multiple clicks for the transferers, so it's in your favour.

You certainly can! But before reading this section, please bear in mind that this is against Blizzard's policies and may result in a ban.
You will need to download a program called "Autoit", and make a new script as follows:
while 1
Controlsend("World of Warcraft","","","{f2}",0)
Sleep (300);
This very simply, sends the keypress of F2 on your keyboard to the World of Warcraft window every 0.2 seconds. This is an ideal time for sniping auctions, and will make you miss near-none. I chose F2 as the key, so that it does not interfere with my typing (i.e. if it was "1", it would spam that into my chat windows when I am chatting with friends). ** This works in the background! **
You will need to create a macro on your action-bar as follows, and key-bind it to "F2":
/run if (AucAdvancedBuyPromptYes) then AucAdvancedBuyPromptYes:Click() end
This macro will press the confirm auction button for you, and can be used even without automation.

You must simply run the script, while you have your auction window open, and the real-time search (magnifying glass near top) activated. This will effectively, automatically ninja auctions!

Here is my haul from only 2 days using the above method:

  • 10x Valor Bracers (the ilvl 397 bracers)
  • 1x Vial of the Sands
  • 87x Queen's Garnet
  • 8x Brilliant Cardinal Ruby
  • 1x Sen'jin Fetish
  • 1x Tirisfal Batling
  • 1x Elwynn Lamb
  • 1 Stack of Elementium Ore (They sent this to "test the waters" -- my auctioneer picked it up...)
  • 1 Stack of Obsidium Ore (Same as above)
  • 23x Small Illustrious Pearl (This was quite strange to be transferring but whatever floats your boat)
  • 1x Illustrious Pearl
  • 40x Eye of Zul
  • MANY Embersilk Bags -- like in the hundreds
  • A little bit of Embersilk Cloth
  • Lots of Various cut Epic Gems (which I returned because it turned out to be the guy who cuts my gems for me! xD)
  • 4 STACKS of Flask of the Draconic Mind

How to avoid angry whispers
A very simple but effective way, is to put ACSII characters in your name! These are characters like
See below for a table of ACSII characters that you can use. Simply press alt + (code), to put them into the character select screen.People will find these very difficult is your name is littered with them, and they won't even bother trying to whisper you!
The alt codes are shown in the "DEC" column, on the left, and remember to put a '0' in front of the code, or it won't work. 

How do I deal with confrontations?
You must take a sophisticated, but polite approach. See my below screenshot detailing how I sniped someone's [Vial of the Sands]!

The Autoit script is not working!
You will not actually see it working, because it clicks so fast. Try making a macro like this:
/s Testing
This will make it obvious to you whether it's working or not. You won't actually see it clicking because it does it so fast. This is done so that it basically can snipe faster than a human.
Also, make sure that a slot on your action-bar is keybound to F2.
Lastly, make sure that you have downloaded the correct version of Autoit (x64 version for example).

My Auctioneer is not letting me Snipe things!
This may be because the above link is outdated/not working. It could be due to a multitude of reasons. If you would like to set this up yourself, then see below:
Step 1: Download the latest version of Auctioneer. This can be simply found by googling or looking on Curse.comRemember to get the "Auctioneer Suite" -- we want all of the components.
Step 2: Put the contents of the download into your AddOns folder (C://Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons)Remember to delete all previous versions of Auctioneer.
Step 3: Configure your auctioneer:
[Removed - Sorry UnholyShaman]
When you are using these settings, you should be good to go!

Step 4: Change your search time to 1 second:This is important so that we can Snipe before they transfer the items. Again, thankyou to UnholyShaman for the below guide:

Making the search time faster:Created by Calek here: I mentioned above, the default minimum search time by Auctioneer is 6 seconds. However you can manually change that.
1) Go back to your WoW Root Folder
2) Interface ---> Addons
3) Go into Auc-Advanced Folder, then into Modules Folder, then into Auc-Util-SearchUI Folder then into SearchRealTime.lua File.
4) Open it up with Notepad (right click > open with > notpad)
5) Press CTRL + H which opens the Replace Function.
6) Type in
gui:AddControl(id, "Slider", 0, 2, "realtime.reload.interval", 6, 60, 1, "Reload interval: %s seconds")
Into the Find What section
7) Type in
gui:AddControl(id, "Slider", 0, 2, "realtime.reload.interval", 3, 60, 1, "Reload interval: %s seconds")
Into the Replace With section and press Replace.
Once these steps are done, your auctioneer should be identical to the downloadable one earlier in the post!

The [>>] button isn't working, it's giving me errors
If this is the case, you can just press the yellow " [>] " button instead. These do the same thing, except the [>] button will take around 30 minutes, whereas the [>>] button is a fast, "getall scan", which should take under 5 minutes -- this scan has not been working for a few people though.

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