Monday, July 23

You just have to enjoy the little things..

Back in the days of Wrath, every time I ran the Trial of the Champion, I would watch carefully.
Before the Belf could speak, I would shout up random insults at the boss hiding near the rafters. Just once, just- once- I wanted him to come down and kill me instead, using me as his ghoul. We had fun games with ToC. Whenever I did it with my buds, we'd have a competition who would blow a /kiss to Jaina first. And when the last boss asks his rhetorical question before his fight, I would always reply /yes, /no or /shrug at him.

A short note to the submitter of this image (thanks) You're tanking, but have DC, PS, Obli, IT on your toolbar before DS, HS and RS? What the bleeding crap? No interrupts on a key, no taunt on a key, no AoE on a key, your defensive CDs are off to the side? Bone Shield, Horn, raise ally are off by your hearth? And you're at half health on Ripsnarl as a Blood DK, seriously? You also have runes available so should be using them to use DS/HS, and you have no diseases on Ripsnarl?

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