Tuesday, August 7

All Mist of Pandaria Rare Mobs (95% complete)

Only 2 mobs missing in Krasaran
They drop a lot of random epics - enjoy hunting!!

Kun-Lai SummitTownlong SteppesDread Wastes
Vale of Eternal BlossomsValley of the four WindsKrasarang Wilds
The Jade Forest

Macro´s and NPCScan ID´s

Kun-Lai Summit
/target Ahone the Wanderer
/target Borginn Darkfist
/target Havak
/target Korda Torros
/target Nessos the Oracle
/target Norlaxx the Outcast
/target Scritch
/target Ski'thik

/target Eshelon
/target Kah'tir
/target Lith'ik the Stalker
/target Lon the Bull
/target Norlaxx
/target Siltriss the Sharpener
/target The Yowler
/target Yul Wildpaw

Dread Wastes
/target Ai-Li Skymirror
/target Dak the Breaker
/target Gar'lok
/target Ik-Ik the Nimble
/target Karr the Darkener
/target Krol the Blade
/target Nalash Verdantis
/target Omnis Grinlok

Eternal Blossom
/target Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud
/target Kal'tik the Blight
/target Kang the Soul Thief
/target Major Nanners
/target Moldo One-Eye
/target Sahn Tidehunter
/target Urgolax
/target Yorik Sharpeye

Valley of the Four Winds
/target Blackhoof 
/target Bonobos 
/target Jonn-Dar 
/target Nal'lak the Ripper
/target Nasra Spothide
/target Salyin Warscout
/target Sele'na
/target Sulik'shor

/target Arness the Scale
/target Cournith Waterstrider
/target Gaarn the Toxic
/target Go-Kan
/target Qu'nas
/target Ruun Ghostpaw
/target Spriggin
/target Torik-Ethis

The Jade Forest
/target Aethis
/target Ferdinand
/target Kor'nas
/target Krax'ik
/target Mister Ferocious
/target Morgrinn Crackfang
/target Sarnak
/target Urobi
/target Martar the Not-So-Smart

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