Tuesday, August 28

Back door job.

This picture was mailed to us this morning with the following text:
I jumped out of a plane this weekend, and this was all I could think about.

That's weird, where are your actionbars? Why is the achievement so high up? I could understand Alt+Z but that would hide the achiev...

This achievement usually doesn't work with a parachute - it works with the slow fall spell on Azuremyst, but more often than not the achievement comes up when you knock yourself down to less than ten percent of your life, which I'm glad you didn't do. Although There is a quest in swamp of sorrows that gets you it without taking damage. Probably just an oversight on the devs part when coding. I.E. does not with slow fall, parachute. But left out the buff from the quest. You can use the paladin hand of protection just need to make sure to cast it before you go splat.

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