Wednesday, August 22

Blizzard taking close-mindedness to the next level?

As probably all of you know, since release of Diablo 3 and even earlier since announcement of Mists of Pandaria - blizzard is having big issues with taking criticism. Jay Wilson, Chris Metzen and other blizzard workers are constantly trying to convince us that their semi-good ideas are brilliant and that we will love them eventually no matter what we're saying.

But just yesterday Blizzard took it to the whole new level - Jay Wilson and other Blizzard Developers has posted very non-professional and rude comments about incgamers interview with David Brevik, on Chris Haga facebook page (screen and link to the interview below). You might wonder why they've acted in such a childish way? was David Brevik rude in his interview? -no. Was he speaking honestly what he don't like about the game -yes (in a very polite way). Yet the Blizzard developers did something that professionals should never do (as example Jay Wilson comment "F**k that loser")

This is not the way professional should act, and its very sad that long year game developers company not only can't take criticism from their own customers / fans, but also from the other game developers.

You can find full article about this whole situation and the video with original interview on Blizzard react angrily to IncGamers David Brevik interview |

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