Sporting my sexy Warlord gear

I sported this gear all the way up to AQ. Exiled, my guild at the time, started as a PVP guild and we excelled at churning and burning High Warlords. I was one of the last people in the guild to make the grind, as it became even worse of a grind once AV was changed from the multi-day slog to the quick piece of shit that it is today. This allowed people to bot AV 24/7 and pull in more honor than organized PVP groups could running WSG over and over again (the method Exiled used to make HWLs). - As a guild we started raiding and went almost exclusively PVE, eventually working our way up to the doors of Naxx just prior to BC launching.

Warlord Gaulum - God that grind sucked!

In Vanilla WoW, PVP ranking was against all the other players in your faction on your server. Getting this high required 40+ hours of PVP a week, and there was always a chance somebody would put in more time and get more honor than you, which could set you back weeks. I ended up getting sick before I could make High Warlord, so I never got the HWL weapons... until they gave them to everybody right before BC launched. (You'll notice #1 was also in Exiled)

Mid 2006 UI. UGH!

End of the Road, Mt. Hyjal in Vanilla WoW

So the road leading down towards the World Tree ended with these funny little road block signs. Under construction and would stay that way for years to come!

Top of the World Tree in Vanilla Mt. Hyjal

Not very impressive for such an important part of Warcraft Lore!

World Tree in Vanilla Mt. Hyjal

Sorry, kind of blocking the shot. I remember thinking that it sure was small for being such an important tree!

Path to the Troll village

The jump down to the hidden Troll village. Slow fall or DIE!

I used to go through Noggenfoggers like crazy trying to survive this jump. I would usually land as a shrunken skeleton!

We had fun doing different poses throughout the village

Possibly the leader of the Troll village?

Who knows? None of the Trolls had any dialogue.

Hidden Troll village

The Troll village had these really cool drums, and a drumming sound constantly played.

Troll dancers in the hidden Troll Village

These guys danced to the drumming music that played throughout the village.

Fishing boat in the Troll village getting put to good use!

Swimming time!

Cavern of Time

So you actually had to wall walk and make some really annoying jumps through gaps in the hill outside COT to get into here. Was worth it though, pretty cool place.

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