Monday, September 10

Be Unkillable in World PvP Using Cross Realm Zoning

Basically this will have already been known on the forums about Cross Realm zoning, and that you leave people behind when the leader of the party/raid changes and they are from a different server. This will serve to utilize that feature to the best of its ability.

For ease of use, simplicity, and speed, you will need the macro:
/promote NAME

This macro is to change the leadership over to another person in your party, and works with just one other person in your party. Simply put their name where it says name in that line, and it will work to give leadership.

You can also do:
/promote party1

It will give leadership over to the first person in your party.

How does this work? Well basically, if your out in the world, and you are doing world pvp of some sort, adn see you will lose, you can just simply use the macro to insta phase out of the realm, and heal up on the "new" realm that your xfering to, which is actually your party members realm. Of course they need to be on a different server for this to work. You can just heal up, and then phase right back in with another change of leadership back to you or someone else on your realm, and viola!

Hope you enjoy!

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