Sunday, September 9

X-Realm Netherwing Egg Farming

So I was farming for netherwing rep, and an idea crossed my mind. Since it seems that alot of things reset when u change servers with the Cross Realm feature, i decided to try it. Works amazing!

Basically, what you do is if your server is a high population server, you just simply zone to a lower population server to farm and look for eggs. When you have found all the eggs, do another Cross Realm change, and tada! you can keep hunting eggs and find a ton!! this can dramatically speed up the process if done right.

Netherwing egg spawns out in the open are rare. Only, in my experience, happening once every 1-2 hours. On some servers, there can be a ton of competition for these eggs. This gives a method to bypass that competition, and farm to exalted faster. Only posted in Elite, as I felt this would need to be only here. Thx in advance for any rep or posts concerning this or how to improve it

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