Saturday, September 8

Farm Gurubashi Arena Master Item and achievement Faster Using Cross Realm

This feature utilizes the Cross Realm phasing glitch that happens when leadership in a party or raid is given over to someone in World of Warcraft on a different server.

The glitch works to make everyone essentially move to the other realm. This effects resets on dailies, server time, and people around you. Even limited supply items are effected. Because of this, you can farm for multiple Arena Master items back to back.

For best results, I suggest the realms of choice to search for these are pve servers, since you wont have as much competition, and if you do they will probalby be bad pvpers.

You must find out what are the time zones of servers in order for this to work. Any server that is an hour behind your own, means that an hour after your event, which happens every 3 hours, starting at midnight, will happen in realtime for you 1 hour later. 

So, if your server has a chest drop for the item at 12 midnight, and you know of a server that is one hour behind, essentially making theirs 11 pm at night, then in one hour after your event you can go and check their server out by simply giving leadership over to another person!

AND.... if its all pve servers that you try, essentially by having friends make chars on different servers for you so u can simply hand over lead as you desire to phase, then you might be able to get multiple in an hour if your fast enough and no one is farming it!

This has been confirmed

Just do some research on the time zones of different servers, and figure out what their time is in relation to yours!

Have fun farming everyone!

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