Saturday, September 8

How to avoid being camped Using the Cross Realm Feature

Yet again, this is another exploit useable thanks to the Cross realm bug in World of Warcraft

Basically, if someone is trying to gank you in WoW, or is ganking you, and is camping your body, and you want to continue questing, then simply get a friend from another server via realid to send you an invite, or invite them, and promote them to leader, and it will phase you, even while you are dead, to their server, where the ganker cannot go nor know to which one you went! Perfect if you want to rez and just simply continue questing or be done for the night, or continue farming, without the interruption. If you want to continue on your own server, just simply leave the area where the ganker is, and disband the group!

Have fun avoiding being camped!

Thx in advance for any rep or posts concerning this or how to improve it

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