Tuesday, September 25

Fast Rare Mob Respawn / Epic Loot

I was traveling through Krasarang Wilds as NPC Scan said there is a rare mob nearby, so I just killed him. He had a lot of life, but as a DK it was easy to solo him. He dropped level 87 epic item for legs. Just a few meters next to him there was another rare spawn. And he just dropped another level 87 epic item. Best thing: after only about 2 hours one of both was already respawned, so I was able to kill him again, but this time no epic
What you need to know:
  1. Rare mobs respawn within very less hours (maybe one or two)
  2. Rare mobs do drop epic items with a high chance, which you can sell for a very high price in the auction house (Use NPC Scan or any similiar addon to find them easily, search in locations where no players are)
Both mobs I killed are located in the west of Krasarang Wilds, but I think every other rare mob will respawn that fast and can drop epic items like those two? 
Maybe you could use that info to camp the NPC in the Valley Of The Four Winds, which dropps a mount just like timelost protodrake?   
PS: You can replace these epics with rar gear from any heroic lv 90 dungeon, so sell them fast before people know about that ;P

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