Wednesday, September 26

[~10-15k gold per hour] 3 minute respawning Rich Kyparite Mines

I was questing in Townlong Steppes while I noticed Kyparite Mines.

Well 1 ore is going for 200g on my server and I found 2 nodes that respawn every 3-4 minutes. I've been here for 1 hour now and they always respawn on that timer.

Most important thing is that in the first spot there aren't mobs.
They're underground and only spawn if a player uses an object from a quest.

I'm getting aprox 13 ores per 10 minutes which is 2600 golds for 10 minutes and 15600 golds per hour.
Plus around this place, there are tons of ghost nodes

Here is the FIRST location and the screenshots:

Here is the second spot we found

This one isn't really efficient because there are some mobs around, anyway it's still 3 min respawn timer:

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