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MOP Dungeon Bosses 101 (Short and sweet for use in /party)

I can't stand when people don't know fights. So I went through every guide on Mists of Pandaria Guru and made quick notes of what I feel were the most important things to note on each boss. Source:

I'll be using these to copy-paste into /party each time before a new boss. I remember spending 5 minutes before each new cata fight and I don't want that to happen again. I'm doing it once and that's it!

I hope this helps!

Temple of the Jade Serpent

Wise Mari
  • Avoid water as much as possible. Come to back of room to kill water ele's first. He'll spin the whole time, avoid his water spout while avoiding water on the ground and DPS'ing.
There are different bosses that can spawn here, choose the appropriate one!
Lots of fucking suns boss
  • DPS all the suns down, tank get ready to pick up a stream of shadow adds. Once everything is dead, the monk will get possessed, simply tank and spank him down.
Anger & Strife
  • Doing damage causes a debuff on the boss. At 10 stacks they become immune and do MASSIVE damage. Stay on the same target, do as much damage in between immunities, pop defensive cooldowns during immunities.
Liu Flameheart
  • Avoid flame waves. Avoid fire on the ground. Only the tank should be in front of the boss.
Sha of Doubt
  • Phase 1: Spread out, do as much damage as possible before immunity.
  • Phase 2: EVERYONE stack up and DPS down the adds as fast as possible. If adds DO NOT die they explode for huge damage and it'll probably be a wipe.

Stormstout Brewery

  • Everyone but tank get behind him. Avoid his frontal-cone ground-pound, avoid getting hit by barrels. Both of these do damage and stun you.
  • This is a gauntlet, you can pick up hammers that they drop and use them to AOE. The TNT they drop HURTS, try to avoid it. Please keep moving through the whole time, the monsters will never stop spawning.
  • Get out of his Furlwind. Avoid his Carrot Breath when he spins slowly in a circle. Tank be ready to pick up lots of adds and DPS need to AOE them down. They still drop TNT and Hammers so pickup hammers for AOE and avoid TNT.
Yan-Zhu the Uncasked NOTE! This fight can be different! If you have the jump debuff, use the 1st description. If the boss has 3 buffs allowing him to cast multiple spells, use the 2nd description
  • You can jump VERY high this fight. When he casts Bubble Shield, jump up and attack the bubbles above him, then get back on the boss, the bubbles reduce the damage he takes. Also, jump high and avoid the beer waves that come across the room.
  • Most important thing is to kill his adds, they heal him. SPREAD OUT! Destroy his bubble shield when he casts it. When bubbles appear around the room, click them and fly upward to avoid damage. If you are hit with Blackout Brew keep moving until it falls off.

Mogu'shan Palace

1st Bosses
  • Kai the brute, healer heal the pets target, tank avoid the shockwave. Ming the cunning, avoid whirlwinds, interrupt lightning bolts, run out during hurricane. Haiyan the unstoppable, dispel conflagurate, STACK on meteor target to split damage.
  • Each add gives him a buff, Ironhide reduces their damage taken, Skulker stuns, Oracle heals, Hexer casts stacking debuff on random player. CC appropriately.
Xin the weaponmaster
  • Avoid his weapons, staff and axe spin so get out, don't stand in front of him to avoid his ground slam. At 66% and 33% health traps go off. Blade trap avoid the ground pattern, crossbow trap just heal the damage.

Siege of Niuzao Temple

Please interrupt trash as best you can, they do some strong damage.
Vizier Jin'bak
  • The puddle in the middle of the room is the most important thing. It grows over time OR when a sap globule from the outside reaches the middle.
  • The only way to shrink it is to take turns standing in it, so please hop in every now and then but not too much! He can also detonate the puddle and the bigger it is, the more damage it will do to everyone.
Please keep interrupting trash!
Commander Vo'jak
  • Talk to one of the NPCs
  • Waves of mobs will come up the stairs. Healer and Ranged DPS use the tar bombs on the ledge to weaken them as much as possible. If they make it to the top, DPS them down and try to tank them as best as possible.
  • When the commander finally comes up the stairs, watch out for his whirlwind and use your defensive cooldowns, he has some very strong melee abilities.
General Pa'valak
  • He will throw his sword at the ranged, and then charge it. Get out of the way of both, big damage. He casts Bulwark and summons adds. Bombs will land near us, right click the bombs and throw them at the adds + him and his Bulwark. Rinse and repeat.
Wing Leader Ner'onok
  • If you get hit with his Resin, keep jumping otherwise you get sealed in it. When he lifts off, run back along the bridge and stay behind the walls. Don't jump UNLESS you need to keep Resin from hardening. Get to him and just DPS him.

Scarlet Halls

Commander Lindon
  • HEALER don't grab a shield, everyone else can. Walk towards the archers and use the shields as cover. When we get to the end, all of the enemies rush at once. Let the tank get aggro on them all and begin to DPS down the adds and then the boss.
Houndmaster Braun
  • DPS the boss in the middle of the room, tank get ready to pick up constantly streaming dogs. DPS can just stay on the boss, tank AOE is enough to kill them.
Armsmaster Harlan
  • Simply DPS the boss, tank pickup adds when they spawn. When he jumps to the middle, get ready to move, DO NOT get hit by this or you die. If you're able to dispell Enrages, please dispel him as much as possible.
Flameweaver Koegler
  • Interrupt and spellsteal/dispell him as much as possible. When he casts Book Burner, stand in his beam. If you dont, the books light on fire and pulse fire the rest of the fight.
  • Also be sure to avoid his Dragon's Breath, as he spins 360 and breathes fire.

Scarlet Monastery

Always prioritize killing the piles first, then start killing the rest.
Thalnos the Souldrender
  • Stay out of purple circles on the ground, tank pickup adds and DPS them down, try and kill spirits as fast as possible, if they become empowered zombies they do A LOT of damage so tank pop cooldowns.
  • DPS should stay on the boss, not the empowered zombies.
Brother Korloff
  • Get out of his firestorm kick once he leaps. Big heals during his channeled punches. At 50% tank you MUST kite him around, melee DPS do not stand in the fire.
Clear ALL trash before pulling.
Commander Durand
  • Same as the old version. When she resurrects him, focus HER down and interrupt her Mass Rez if she casts it otherwise she revives every single mob in here. Once she's dead, kill him, done.


Instructor Chillheart
  • An ice wall will form and move towards us slowly. It INSTANTLY kills you if you touch it. Stay spread out at all times. After he casts Touch of the Grave, tank, pop a CD. Get out of ice circles on the ground.
  • When he dies, we need to kill his Phylactery as fast as possible. Avoid the fire and ice books as much as you can, and DPS hard!
Jandice Barov
  • EVERYONE including the tank, needs to get out of the way of Wondrous Rapidity. It's channeled frontal cone damage, she won't spin, just get behind her.
  • At 66% and 33% she splits into duplicates. Single target them all down until the real one is found. Rinse and repeat, AVOID HER CHANNEL!
  • Make sure you find an orange glowing bone pile and right click it. If you get hit with Bone Spike this armor will fall off, if it does, go right click another bone pile.
  • Avoid blue fire. His damage increases over the fight so tank, save D cooldowns for after 50%.
Lilian Voss
  • Three phases, Phase 1: Spread out! When she pulls us in, we start to leave trails of fire. Keep running around until this ends and stay out of fire best you can.
  • Phase 2: Stay spread out. She will fixate on someone and that person must run away from her.
  • Phase 3: Everything combined. Think of it as phase 1 but if you get fixated, you need to kite. She still pulls as all in and we need to run away/stay out of fire. Be careful of getting fixated and kite when you need to!
Pull these Bored Students carefully! They do a lot of damage!
Professor Slate is a tank and spank.
Darkmaster Gandling
  • When he casts Rise! He takes 50% less damage, so spend all your damage on AOE'ing the adds he summons. He will cast Harsh Lesson randomly, DPS need to kill all the adds and you can come back to the fight.
  • Healers/Tanks look for mobs to dispel, when you do, this makes killing all the adds MUCH easier. Dispel all the mobs you can, then kill adds and come back.

Shadow-Pan Monastery

Gu Cloudstrike
  • Phase 1: Don't stand in lightning on the ground.
  • Phase 2: He becomes immune. We need to kill his dragon. Stay away from the dragons breath and tail and SAFELY stack up near the side of the dragon. Spam heals when the debuff goes out.
  • Phase 3: DPS Race, do as much damage as possible. There's no way to avoid his AOE damage!
Master Snowdrift
  • Tank will gather all the adds and we DPS them down, then we fight master snowdrift. Get behind his Fist of Fury, he will not follow you. Get out of his Tornado Kick.
Taran Zhu
  • Don't let your hatred get to full, if it's getting close, click the meditate skills and don't move until your hatred dies down. Stay out of his shadow bolt AOE circle, either be IN it or OUT of it.
  • Gripping Hatred spheres pull us in, GET OUT of the purple ASAP and meditate AFTER you're out if you need to. DO NOT meditate while standing in the purple.

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