Sunday, September 23

Get Horde and Alliance shirts for your Xbox avatar for free

So, as the Blizzard site states, you can get free Horde and Alliance shirts for you Xbox Live avatar.

A simple step-by-step:
  1. Log into Xbox Live 
  2. Click on the Mists of Pandaria advertisement
  3. Watch the trailer
  4. Click the "Free Avatar Gear" button

After you have done this, you will now have your free shirts!

This only lasts until October 6, 2012. And note this: the ad will only be there for certain today. After this day the ads will continue to be random, so you can't get it anymore for sure. So do this today to be sure to get the shirts.

EDIT: After checking my own Xbox, it seems that is might be US only. Can anyone confirm?

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