Wednesday, October 31

3 easy steps to surviving the grind!

I'm like this sometimes, mostly when I'm doing something that requires more attention than the bare minimum -- eg: in a 5-man/raid/etc or pvping I usually end up completely ignoring whatever show I was trying to watch; otherwise while leveling, farming mats, grinding out dailies, etc... Netflix ftw!

Though in general I usually prefer to listen to podcasts (TWiT stuff/The Instance/etc...) but there's not always enough to last through my play sessions.

This was also how I ground out the Insane in the Membrane achievement (the old one). Took me almost half a year on and off, and I watched most of Star Trek TNG and Dexter this way. Now I have 2 monitors (so fancy!) and I can watch movies and shows at a proper resolution. Multitasking!

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