Wednesday, October 31

How NOT to stream a game?

This image was mailed to us with the following description:

This is what I see when I look at this picture: A streamer who puts her face on the stream when she is idling or waiting in the game. That's a perfectly normal thing to do in order to interact with your viewers (Day9 anyone?) I also see a ton of immature boys being creepy and inappropriate at her, just because she's a woman who DARES to sully their internet experience by doing a live-stream. Someone really needs to grow up.

Alright Fair enough...  For me it's more like this girl openly advertises shes female. Purposely shows large amounts of cleavage. Has her webcam up more time than her actual game. Doesn't ban /kick the people that are sexist to her. Why? Because she wants the attention. She's not terrible at WoW but she gets more viewers than she deserves and that's because she has a webcam with visible cleavage 24/7.

Before you angry at  me for hating on 'gamer girls' I have a reason. used to be a showcase of the best gamers, notably famous people. Games of skill still have this, and most WoW streamers are either the hard-corest of raiders or the best of the best PvPers. Recently a guy named "Sodapoppin" who arguably has a funny stream started having girls that dont even play video games to webcam stream on his stream. He got a lot more views. They say sex sells, but does it have to be so obvious?

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