Tuesday, October 16

8.6 Mil Xp/h No downtime

First let me state that this will not work unless you can pull some dps and are a tank class. OR you have a nice friend who has a lvl 90. 

I prefer the second way makes this go very smooth. What you will be doing is Tagging the Elder Viseclaw  Viseclaw Elder. Then having your friend kindly kill them. For those that do not know, in order for tagging to work you cannot be in the same group. (duh right?) 

Anyway. (And for some reason these numbers very by 9k per kill) I get at lvl 86 around 209k Rested XP. at 87 197k Rested XP. at 88 191k XP, and 89 184k xp. These are very quick kills and no downtime. I use the spots I marked in the map. Only using the ones out farthest say they stay spawned. I have lvled a dk and a pally this way. And my 11.6k XP per hour is going by Xp per/h on Titan Panel.

I do know this is the same Npc that an older post was using to powerlevel. But it is not the same spot nor is this an instaspawn. But they do respawn fast enough to keep the xp up.

Oh yeah and the 8.6M is the xp at lvl 89. Figured that would be the only number that mattered. Of course lower the lvl the Higher the output. And to achieve these numbers you need to kill 5 adds every 10 minutes. Not very hard to do at all. Good luck out there

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