There are several "exploits" out there that are using the with MOP launched Cross-Realm-Zones, since there are many misunderstandings i decided to write this little guide, for intensiv forum users none of the points might be new, but i really hope this guide might help to get rid of the constant questions, "how does this work" (...i don't want to read the whole thread!1!!11), "exploit not working!" (..and what the hell is CRZ?).

First of all there are two different types of CRZ: All low-populated zones aside of MOP ones merged automatically, so if you enter e.g. Northern Barrens you will likely enter such a automated CRZ where you may meet players from other realms, only realms of the same type (pvp/pve) and the same language will be merged this way.

There are few exploits taking advantage of this mechanism, most of them based on the serverchange when entering a CRZ.

The more interesting and exploitable mechanism is the "active" CRZ: When you get invited by a player from another realm, you will get ported to his realm, and be able to act homelike: You may kill & loot mobs (including rares, world bosses etc), harvest ore & herbs, collect questitems (like Onyx Eggs) etc.

The active CRZ is not bound to the same rules as the passive one: You may enter other server types (pve/pvp) & other languages, eu/us is the only "rule" that still applys.

Facts (active CRZ):

1. The inviting Char must be in a appropriated levelrange for your desired zone (or higher), it will not work to invite with a level one character to e.g. enter CRZ WOTLK zones, there is a special rule for all MOP zones: The inviting char must be level 90, doesn't matter if Jade Forrest or Kun-Lai-Summit is desired. There is a workarround for the inviter not to have the apprpriated level: Invite someone of the level before inviting the character you want to benefit from CRZ. So if you want to enter Jade Forrest of Blackrock, but only got a level 1 @ Blackrock, invite a level 90 and after that invite the Char you want to CRZ.

2. It doesn't matter where the grouping chars are, neither the inviting, nor the possible used "helper" of higher level. - The transfered char can just enter the desired zone and that's it.

3. Trading is not possible (like in the already well known cross-realm-dungeons).

Helpfull hints:

1. If you need a helper neither spamm people with /w nor keep asking in /2, both will, if done constantly get a good chance to be banned for 3h-12h by running into the automated spamm detection (creating multiple level 1 chars on different servers and start spamming channels/ppl is pretty much what gold spammers do..).

2. Create your level 1s with "cute" names, everything with female names + sunny/princess/whatever (depending on the server language), DONT create Chars like "fsdfsdfsdf" - tryed it like 5 times for the fun of it, and with the "girly" names i never needed to invite more than 4 ppl to get someone accepting my invite, with "Gsdfgdsf" it took 8-22 invites.

3. Invite helper chars in BGs: Use the social search and invite several chars, wait till one joins and then invite the desired char for CRZ.

4. The CRZ ends when your helper leaves the group so whatever you want to do: Do it fast. PPL in BGs will not leave the group as long as they are in the BG, but will most likely instant leave after the BG ends (to reque).

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