Tuesday, October 9

AmberShard Grind + No-Downtime on Mobs

After searching the Briny Muck I found a cosy little spot. A circular island with 2 Kyparite Pulverzers fighting a pack each of 4-5 Saurok. After killing the Pulverizers the saurok will continue to run to the island, search for another KP and run back if unsuccessful. These saurok have a VERY FAST Spawn-time.

I was AoE'ing both packs down with some good speed and with ease and I rarely got chance to loot before the next packs were running onto the island.

This is a great spot for Amber-shards, as well as cloth. I would also recommend a Potion of Luck for extra cloth drops + ore.

I was using the Klaxxi Buffs :

  • Raining Blood - Have to have unlocked the Prime, Xaril the Poisoned Mind (Revered)
  • Battle Hymn

Screenshot of Farm spot:

Drops after 1 hour of Farming (With Potion of Luck):

  • 28 stacks of Windwool Cloth - (I am a Tailor)
  • 5 Ghost Iron Lockbox
  • 23 Dread Amber Shards
  • 54 Motes of Harmony
  • 14 green quality Items

Not bad for mote farming as well. 

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